Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

USA States General Knowledge Quiz

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Welcome to this fun journey through the 50 states of the United States of America with our USA general knowledge quiz.

This USA states quiz is a great opportunity for you to test your knowledge and learn new facts about each state.

You’ll encounter questions on a wide variety of topics such as geography, history, culture, natural wonders, and much more.

Each state has a unique question designed to tease out something special about it. There are 50 multiple choice questions to try out, one for each of the states of America.

So sit back, put on your thinking cap, and prepare to embark on a coast-to-coast adventure. Good luck, and may your knowledge of the United States of America shine brightly.

USA States General Knowledge Quiz – 50 Questions

1. What French phrase commonly used in Louisiana translates to “Let the good times roll”?
a. “vive la vie”
b. “joie de vivre”
c. “laissez les bon temps rouler”
d. “bon voyage”

2. What body of water is Michigan the only state to border on two sides?
a. Lake Erie
b. Lake Superior
c. Lake Huron
d. Lake Michigan

3. Which iconic route runs through Kansas from its eastern to its western border?
a. Route 66
b. Route 70
c. Route 77
d. Route 101

4. Which island in New York was the gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the U.S. as the United States’ busiest immigrant inspection station for over 60 years?
a. Staten Island
b. Manhattan Island
c. Ellis Island
d. Long Island

5. Tennessee is famous for which type of music?
a. Blues
b. Rock and Roll
c. Country
d. Jazz

6. What iconic landmark is carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota?
a. Statue of Liberty
b. Mount Rushmore
c. Grand Canyon
d. Hoover Dam

7. Wisconsin is the leading state in the production of which dairy product?
a. Milk
b. Cheese
c. Ice cream
d. Yogurt

8. What is the name of the river that forms the western border of Mississippi?
a. The Mississippi River
b. The Missouri River
c. The Ohio River
d. The Tennessee River

9. In which North Dakota city is the state’s tallest building located?
a. Bismarck
b. Fargo
c. Grand Forks
d. Minot

10. Which natural wonder is located in Arizona?
a. Mount Rushmore
b. Yellowstone National Park
c. The Grand Canyon
d. The Rocky Mountains

USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 1
USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 1

11. Which US city, located in Delaware, is known as the ‘Corporate Capital of the World’?
a. Dover
b. Newark
c. Wilmington
d. Milford

12. Which U.S. President was elected while living in Illinois?
a. Abraham Lincoln
b. Franklin D. Roosevelt
c. John F. Kennedy
d. George Washington

13. Idaho is best known for producing which crop?
a. Corn
b. Wheat
c. Soybeans
d. Potatoes

14. Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above what altitude?
a. 1,000 feet
b. 2,000 feet
c. 3,000 feet
d. 1 mile

15. The Liberty Bell is located in which Pennsylvania city?
a. Philadelphia
b. Pittsburgh
c. Harrisburg
d. Lancaster

16. What city in Alabama is known as “The Rocket City” due to its association with U.S. space missions?
a. Birmingham
b. Montgomery
c. Huntsville
d. Mobile

17. What product is Vermont the largest producer of in the U.S.?
a. Cheese
b. Maple Syrup
c. Apples
d. Corn

18. Which North Carolina city is known as “The City of Oaks”?
a. Charlotte
b. Raleigh
c. Greensboro
d. Asheville

19. What is the capital city of Maryland?
a. Baltimore
b. Annapolis
c. Rockville
d. Frederick

20. What is the capital city of California?
a. Los Angeles
b. San Francisco
c. Sacramento
d. San Diego

USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 2
USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 2

21. Which city in Oregon is known as “The City of Roses”?
a. Portland
b. Salem
c. Eugene
d. Bend

22. What is the largest mall in the United States, located in Minnesota?
a. King of Prussia Mall
b. South Coast Plaza
c. Mall of America
d. Aventura Mall

23. What national park in Wyoming is the first national park in the world?
a. Yellowstone National Park
b. Grand Teton National Park
c. Yosemite National Park
d. Glacier National Park

24. What famous car race is held annually in Indiana?
a. Daytona 500
b. Monaco Grand Prix
c. Indianapolis 500
d. Le Mans 24 Hours

25. Which prestigious university is located in Connecticut?
a. Harvard University
b. Princeton University
c. Yale University
d. Stanford University

26. What is the state flower of West Virginia?
a. Mountain Laurel
b. Rhododendron
c. Dogwood
d. Rose

27. What is the state motto of New Hampshire, also depicted on its license plate?
a. “In God We Trust”
b. “E Pluribus Unum”
c. “Live Free or Die”
d. “Liberty and Prosperity”

28. Which city in South Carolina was the starting point of the Civil War?
a. Columbia
b. Charleston
c. Greenville
d. Myrtle Beach

29. Which national park located partially in Montana is often referred to as the “Crown of the Continent”?
a. Yellowstone National Park
b. Glacier National Park
c. Rocky Mountain National Park
d. Sequoia National Park

30. Which sporting event is famously held in Kentucky on the first Saturday in May each year?
a. The Super Bowl
b. The World Series
c. The Kentucky Derby
d. The NBA Finals

USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 3
USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 3

31. Which famous US landmark is located in St. Louis, Missouri?
a. The Statue of Liberty
b. The Golden Gate Bridge
c. The Gateway Arch
d. Mount Rushmore

32. Which major US airport, located in Georgia, is known as the busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic?
a. Los Angeles International Airport
b. John F. Kennedy International Airport
c. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
d. O’Hare International Airport

33. Which city in Texas is known for the historic battle of The Alamo?
a. Dallas
b. Austin
c. Houston
d. San Antonio

34. Maryland is known as the birthplace of which American national anthem?
a. America the Beautiful
b. God Bless America
c. The Star-Spangled Banner
d. My Country, ‘Tis of Thee

35. What New Mexico city is known for its annual International Balloon Fiesta?
a. Santa Fe
b. Albuquerque
c. Las Cruces
d. Roswell

36. What is the largest state by area in the United States?
a. Texas
b. California
c. Montana
d. Alaska

37. Which Ohio city is known as the “Rubber Capital of the World”?
a. Columbus
b. Cleveland
c. Cincinnati
d. Akron

38. What is the most populous city in Florida?
a. Miami
b. Tampa
c. Jacksonville
d. Orlando

39. What is the state flower of Kansas?
a. Rose
b. Sunflower
c. Daisy
d. Tulip

40. Which Massachusetts city is known as “The Cradle of Liberty” due to its role in instigating the American Revolution?
a. Springfield
b. Boston
c. Worcester
d. Cambridge

USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 4
USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 4

41. What city in Nevada is famous for its casinos and vibrant nightlife?
a. Reno
b. Las Vegas
c. Henderson
d. Sparks

42. Despite its name, Rhode Island is not an island. What is its official name?
a. Rhode Island State
b. Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
c. New Rhode Island
d. The State of Rhode Island

43. How many main islands make up the state of Hawaii?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8

44. What national park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming?
a. Yellowstone National Park
b. Yosemite National Park
c. Grand Teton National Park
d. Rocky Mountain National Park

45. South Carolina is known for what type of cuisine?
a. Tex-Mex
b. Southern
c. Cajun
d. Creole

46. Which city in Alabama is home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center?
a. Birmingham
b. Montgomery
c. Huntsville
d. Mobile

47. What famous horse race is held annually in Kentucky?
a. Belmont Stakes
b. The Kentucky Derby
c. Preakness Stakes
d. The Grand National

48. Minnesota is known as the “Land of ____ Lakes.”
a. 1,000
b. 5,000
c. 10,000
d. 15,000

49. Which city in New Jersey is home to the world’s longest boardwalk?
a. Newark
b. Trenton
c. Jersey City
d. Atlantic City

50. What is the official state animal of Montana?
a. Grizzly Bear
b. Elk
c. Bison
d. Pronghorn

USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 5
USA States General Knowledge Quiz part 5

USA States General Knowledge Quiz – 50 Answers

1. c. “laissez les bon temps rouler”
2. d. Lake Michigan
3. b. Route 70
4. c. Ellis Island
5. c. Country
6. b. Mount Rushmore
7. b. Cheese
8. a. The Mississippi River
9. b. Fargo
10. c. The Grand Canyon
11. c. Wilmington
12. a. Abraham Lincoln
13. d. Potatoes
14. d. 1 mile
15. a. Philadelphia
16. c. Huntsville
17. b. Maple Syrup
18. b. Raleigh
19. b. Annapolis
20. c. Sacramento
21. a. Portland
22. c. Mall of America
23. a. Yellowstone National Park
24. c. Indianapolis 500
25. c. Yale University
26. b. Rhododendron
27. c. “Live Free or Die”
28. b. Charleston
29. b. Glacier National Park
30. c. The Kentucky Derby
31. c. The Gateway Arch
32. c. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
33. d. San Antonio
34. c. The Star-Spangled Banner
35. b. Albuquerque
36. d. Alaska
37. d. Akron
38. c. Jacksonville
39. b. Sunflower
40. b. Boston
41. b. Las Vegas
42. b. Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
43. d. 8
44. a. Yellowstone National Park
45. b. Southern
46. c. Huntsville
47. b. The Kentucky Derby
48. c. 10,000
49. d. Atlantic City
50. c. Bison

Congratulations on completing this USA states general knowledge quiz and journeying through the 50 states of the United States!

Whether you have aced every question or stumbled along the way, we hope that this quiz has given you a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of the United States.

From the bustling cities to the breathtaking natural wonders, each state has its own unique charm and history. Thanks for taking part in the United States general knowledge quiz.

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